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The sink together with the tap is the most used area in the kitchen. That is why the choice should be made with thought to match your personal needs. Stala has a wide selection of sinks and worktops to offer alternatives for all tastes and purposes. But which things should be paid attention to when designig a kitchen?

One large bowl is usually enough for single households, in which most of the dishes are washed by hand.

Do you handle large plates and kitchen equipment and prefer to wash dishes by hand?

“If you often wash dishes by hand and handle large dishes and kitchen utensils, it is going to affect the size of the bowl and even the number of bowls you need. For others, a small sink will be sufficient, while others might need a maxi-sized sink to even fit whole baking trays”, Peltonen describes.You can even wash an oven tray without splashing in a spacious bowl. Quartz composite is a durable and hard kitchen sink material.
At the summer cottage or when dishwashing by hand it is convenient to have two bowls, while those who cook a lot can appreciate a one and a half bowl sink.
If you like to bake or cook with meat and fish, a kitchen worktop with plenty of hygienic stainless steel working surface is a convenient and safe choice. A worktop can be chosen with a raised edge profile, which keeps water on the counter instead of flowing onto the floor.A stainless steel worktop is a hygienic and durable choice for the summer cottage outdoor kitchen.Steeltops can handle the splashes of water and they are easy to keep clean.A stainless steel worktop made to measure is the choice of a smart home cook. It is easy to combine with other materials.

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